Rwanda We Want


Rwanda we want aims to train and harness skills among the youth which will help them exploit their full potential and become pillars of sustainable peace and development.


Number of beneficiaries In 10 districts 


Rwanda we want organization was created in 2015, when a group of secondary school students got together with the idea to create a club in which the youth could discuss how to become good leaders of tomorrow.

After graduating from secondary school, the club grew to become a non-government organization which was officially registered in 2018. The name Rwanda We Want was inspired by the “Africa We Want” theme that reflects a vision for Africa based on aspirations of African countries and their people.

What We Do

BIRASHOBOKA program which translates to “”it is possible” in english aims to empower Rwandan youth and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective leaders in their respective fields. In this program the youth engage in educative dialogues in which they will interact with mentors, individually or as a group. Youth are trained and equipped with a variety of leadership skills including Public speaking, management, networking, , presentation, self-awareness, , seeking feedback, management, interpersonal, communication and planning skills.

TUBIVUGEHO program which translates to “Let’s talk about it” in english is a program that uses an innovative gamified learning model for youth sexual and reproductive health education in order to equip them the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to adopt positive sexual and reproductive health behavior.

Multi-Family Healing Spaces is a project in which multiple families  is a group-based treatment including multiple families that they have been through the same problem. The therapy combines psychoeducation related to intergenerational transmission of trauma and hostility, healing dialogues and skills’ cultivation to strengthen collective responsibility and agency and improve intergenerational patterns of communication within and across families.

Ndashoboye project which translates “I Can” is a project that contributes towards youth empowerment by facilitating economic empowerment for marginalized and vulnerable teen mothers In Muhanga district. The project uses a holistic approach to the teen mothers’ reintegration into society. It uses a three-fold approach to equip them with employable skills and financial literacy to allow them to generate income for themselves, and provide them with counseling services and knowledge about family planning.

IWACU is a project that engages with the Rwanda youth community abroad to link them with the youth living in Rwanda with the aim of creating and strengthening relationships between the Rwandan youth and the community of Rwandan youth living abroad, reignite and strengthen their bond and interest in their country and cultural heritage and facilitate an exchange of knowledge and information. 


Impact Stories


Rwanda We Want Organization supported Tubiteho day center by mobilizing over 100 youth to volunteer in community work to help in the construction of the center’s new buildings. The following year, we organized an awareness campaign for the inclusion of mentally disabled children and organized a fundraising event that generated over 1 million Rwandan francs which went directly to the center to help with its day to day activities and expansion. The occasion also allowed the children in the center to share their activities at school and have fun with other youth.


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