Gashora Girls academy invited the executive chairperson of R.W.W to shed some light on how they can play their role in building the Rwanda We Want – Rwanda We Want

Gashora Girls academy invited the executive chairperson of R.W.W to shed some light on how they can play their role in building the Rwanda We Want

The lecture began with a small introduction about Gashora girls’ Umuco n’ubutwari club which translates into culture and heroism with an aim to cherish Rwandan culture and embrace heroism which is done through debates in Kinyarwanda and other various activities linked to our culture conducted in Kinyarwanda.
In collaboration with Link Up, they had invited the executive chairperson of Rwanda We Want Mr. Tristan Murenzi to share with them more about Rwanda We Want organization and walk them through some golden tips they can use to play their role in building the Rwanda We Want.
“The bar was placed very high by our leaders, and they were asking the youth to prepare themselves to be the future leaders, so together with other motivated friends and colleagues, we came to realize that we had to alight from the sweet ride of the comfort zone, for there were deep concerns regarding the continuity of our leader’s work. We just could have never forgiven ourselves if their sacrifices went in vain. It is with that mindset that we founded Rwanda We Want organization.” Mr. Murenzi began. He continued by explaining the Experience based approach used by Rwanda We Want organization which touches 3 sectors; business, social and politics. Basically, this approach is all about sharing experiences; Rwanda We Want organization invites different successful people, preferably the youth, from the business sector to share their experiences with Rwanda We Want club members from the secondary schools where this organization conducts its operations. He continued: “We’re boys and girls who were raised in a country which witnessed genocide (the 1994 Genocide against TUTSI), and this is a very important detail we put into consideration while preparing the future leaders.” He explained that in this category, conferences and seminars are organized to provide a hub for the elders to share their experiences of how they came to heal, forgive and unite to build this wonderful country that we live in, after such tragedies. On the politics sector, he explained that different leaders are invited to share their path to their respective positions and how they manage to become consistent.
He continued his lecture by sharing his personal story of how people were repeatedly advising him to go abroad, claimed to be full of opportunities. Mr. Murenzi declared that he strongly disagrees with people who said that because those developed countries almost have everything which means that anything done there, however big it may be, might have no impact at all, but here in Rwanda, however small that thing may be, it might have a big impact. He urged them to live a life that impacts others. He also pleaded with them to start preparing to become great future leaders today, for one can’t become anything (s)he is not today. With that plea, he told them that it is his actions from the past that have gotten him where he is today. He then told them that sometimes things don’t happen according to how our thoughts project and something extra such as perseverance and determination is needed if one really wants to achieve.
Being asked on what the youth should do to prove the elders who depreciate their abilities wrong, he answered that the well usage and maximum exploitation of opportunities granted to them is the best solution to this problem, for an opportunity well used unlocks another one and hence the youth will then have full participation or involvement. He was then asked about the issue of drug abuse that is negatively affecting our youth and how would the Rwanda of his dreams be like. Mr. Murenzi answered by saying that drug abuse is caused by various things such as family conflicts or peer pressure, and he advised to the youth who abuse drugs to have hope because it will restore the sense of living that is lost due to the problems enumerated above then he said that he dreams of Rwanda as a country where everyone will be dreaming to come to, and he declared that it will happen due to the leadership of that moment, and he advised that the preparations start now. The third question revolved around the money part. He answered it by advising them against doing something for the paycheck, but instead we should do everything out of love for humanity, love of our country and the love for the future generations.
Concluding, he told them: “If you passed away right now, what would people remember about you, what legacy would you leave? It is by answering that question how you will find your role to play in building the Rwanda we want. Thank you!”