What you should know about Ndi Umunyarwanda conference 2nd edition “Igihango kiduhuza” – Rwanda We Want

What you should know about Ndi Umunyarwanda conference 2nd edition “Igihango kiduhuza”

Rwanda has been breaking records in various disciplines. While it’s important to look on how Rwanda got here, the continuity of that clean and extraordinary record is far much important. What happens when continuity is at stake? The elders start passing on responsibilities to the young ones, and the best case scenario is when these youngsters are ready to carry on. Nevertheless, this readiness come from ample preparation.

Rwanda we want organization is a non-governmental organization that works with the youth on a daily basis with an agenda that empowers them that is tailored on a strong belief that Rwanda’s safe future and continuity of the extraordinary record will only come at a price of teaching the youth good leadership and its principles. Furthermore, Rwanda we want organization also believes that our country’s development is to be built on the foundations of unity and reconciliation.

After having played a huge role in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, young people must be taught the significance and importance of unity and reconciliation through “Ndi umunyarwanda” program in order to mend the social fabric that was once teared apart by ethnicity and divisionism.

It is in that regard that Rwanda We Want organization in partnership with Gasabo district organized the second edition of “Ndi umunyarwanda” conference with the theme: “Igihango kiduhuza.” Which translates: The oath that binds us together. This conference will take place on Friday 24th May 2019 at RRA auditorium from 9AM to 1PM. This conference’s aim will be to instill the Rwandan spirit within the hearts of the youth by first learning about the history and how they came to be used to kill their friends, brothers and sisters then be taught about the foundations of today’s development, and afterwards look into fighting any form of divisionism and ensure the continuity of our country’s development. These will be done through dialogues and a panel discussion. The expected number of the youth is 350.

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