Rwanda We Want organization launches its activities in G.S Rugando – Rwanda We Want

Rwanda We Want organization launches its activities in G.S Rugando

Rwanda We Want organization mainly deals with youth empowerment and believes that the future leaders are made today. It is in that spirit that it conducts its activities in secondary schools with the aim of shaping future leaders. This is done through the experience based approach. This year is Groupe scolaire Rugando’s time to beneficiate from those activities

“Today you are students, but you won’t be eternally. You are going to be the leaders in the coming days.” The headmaster of the school Mr. Dominique Bihozagara began and continued saying that it is with great joy that they welcome Rwanda we want organization because they will be helping the school in shaping the youth of Groupe Scolaire Rugando into great leaders of the future. He conclusively pledged full support towards the Rwanda we want organization team during the whole training period.

Mr. Kimenyi Burakari the director of education in Gasabo district took the floor to give his remarks. He began by welcoming the guests too and reminded the youth about moral values that maketh a good citizen. “Patriotism, respect and critical thinking; these are the values of good citizen, and one can’t be a good leader if you are not a good citizen; it just can’t match.” He added. He then urged the youth to use the platform availed and exhaust it fully. He ended by expressing how much the district appreciate the work of Rwanda we want organization in youth empowerment and shaping the future leaders of this country.

Briefly afterwards, Mr.Kirenga Patrick  director of programs at Rwanda We Want organization took the time to present the organization’s mission and vision to Groupe Scolaire Rugando’s students. He also touched briefly on the history about the founding of RWW organization, saying that it was founded by the youth who were worried with the continuity of the good leadership as well as the good achievements of Rwanda. He continues saying that they immediately understood that the only way to assure that continuity, the future leaders needed to be prepared when their time comes, and those future leaders are the youth of today hence the preparations had to begin right away. “And RWW organization was founded that same day.” He ended his speech.

Mr. Muhwezi Peter in charge of JADF at the Rwanda Governance Board. In his remarks told the youth that focus, critical thinking and good conduct will help them achieve anything they want in their life in addition to becoming better leaders. He then commends the Work of RWW organization for helping to shape the youth’s leadership skills for they are the ones to lead us into the future.

The executive chairperson of RWW organization immediately took the floor to give his remarks. “Leadership is not a matter of age.” He began his remarks.  He explained that Rwanda’s history should be a source of inspiration to them because it was liberated by the youth. He also added that the country’s development also needs the youth to play a bigger role because of their youngness and energy. However, he said that all that needs some work and sometimes a lot of sacrifice since they are not handed on a silver plate.

Among the guests, the executive secretary of Rwanda Youth Council-Mr. Mwesigwa Robert was present, and it was his time to give his remarks. He began by applauding the idea behind the name “Rwanda we want” saying that it’s a broad implementation of the country’s vision. He also commended the work of RWW organization in ensuring the continuity of Rwanda’s great leadership in the future.

For the closing remarks, on behalf of the state minister in charge of primary and secondary education Mr. Tuyishime Flaudoir began by acknowledging how great it is to see the youth being accountable and responsible towards their country’s future. He also applauded the role that the youth is playing in the development of this country, for the previous generation was used in destroying the country. He then commended the work of RWW organization in youth empowerment and pledged full support from the ministry of education.