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Letter To My Fellow Youth: The Covid-19 lockdown period, a golden opportunity for self-discovery

Fellow youth,


Every dark night has bright day and weeping may endure the night but joy comes in the morning.

I remember I was hanging out with friends, chilling and I didn’t check my WhatsApp all day. When it was time to go home, I took a bike and when I reached home, I heard news that we were on lockdown for 2weeks.

Blindly, I celebrated because I had an exam at school for which I had not prepared.

I said to myself, “wow I’m going to be prepared and I’ll nail it.”

With the situation playing to my advantage at that moment, I started nicknaming Covid-19: dear coco, Covi chou; crazy me…

After 2weeks, I expected to come back to real life but my expectations were a bit overesteemed. Normally, I’m all about positive vibes and I tend to motivate people around me to get through any difficulties they are facing. But there I was, hopeless, Oh my God It felt lonely and helpless. However, I decided to not be the “Do what I say not what I do” person and followed my own advices to my friends to be calm and positive in every situation. I also took time and read a book called “Discovering your potential” by Dr Myles Munroe.

I immediately realized that I had never thought enough about my vision, mission, family needs and God’s ambition on my life.

I didn’t know that I’d unhealed wound, that my family wanted me so hard or that God wanted to use me.

Finally, I made strong decisions I’d never made; I decided to take my responsibilities more seriously and to amend my relationship with God.

 My fellow youth when do you take time to think about yourself? To think about your vision, about your family, about your friends or about legacy?

We smile, cry, live then die. In this life, nothing lasts forever apart from the legacy.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be special or do outstanding things to leave something on people’s minds. You may start with simple deeds such as checking on your family and friends to let them know how much they mean to you, and if you passed on right now, you will have left a legacy of love.

On another hand, think about the little things that can support you. I learnt how to make a mask cover to help my sister and I got paid for every mask cover I made. Additionally, I built networks on social media from which I earned an internship that I will start very soon. I also coached my siblings and I’m also learning new things online with certificates awarded upon completion. There are a many opportunities out there but it’s up to us to grab them.

To sum up, it’s the addition of trillions and trillions of water droplets that make up an ocean which only means that every droplet’s contribution is equally important so don’t neglect anything.

Yours truly,


Umurerwa Josiane whose friends like to call Jox, is a 20-year-old varsity student at Mount Kenya University pursuing a Bachelors’ degree in Business Information and Communication Technology (BBICT). She is also a public speaker, something which she is very passionate about alongside debate, poetry and leadership.