Youth urged to embrace patriotism – Rwanda We Want

Youth urged to embrace patriotism

One of the student members of ‘Rwanda we want’ gets a certificate of merit.

A local youth organisation ‘Rwanda We Want’ has winded up it 2016 activities with a renewed call for youth to spearhead the country’s development in this century.

Addressing hundreds of Rwanda we want members at ULK glory secondary school; Senator Wellars Gasamagera, the director general of Rwanda Management Institute said that the Rwandan youth should think of new innovative products in order to be at the center of Rwanda’s development.

“Don’t be passengers but drivers of the country’s growth because you are lucky to be in a country that has not seen war for the last 22 years now” Gasamagera said.

Senator Gasamagera said that what Rwanda’s achievements comes as a result of absence of war which is an added advantage for youth to take opportunity to utilise it profitably.

“Be drivers of change and build on the current achievements as a head start for the move to transform your country and make it better than what we have done as leaders” Gasamagera said.

Dr. Joseph Ryarasa; the chairperson of the Africa democracy forum told Rwandan youth to be vigilant and active in politics and democratic governance in their respective communities.

“It absurd that Rwanda has not had good role models in democracy not until of recent with president Kagame…this is an opportunity now for youth to learn from leaders like himself” Ryarasa said.

Tristan Murenzi, the chairperson and founder of “Rwanda We Want” said that organisation aims at expanding through the country to train and harness leadership skills among the youth scholars to lay ground for early leadership roles.

“Our plan is to reach more youth stidrnts so that with an early age leadership mindset, youths will take up leadership roles in communities and a glimpse of what it means to serve” Murenzi said.

Rwanda we want was started in 2015. So far the organisation has members at ULK   Glory school in Gasabo district. The organisation plans to expand in Nyarugenge and Kicukiro district in Kigali city and Rulindo in the Northern Province.

The organisation has conducted weekly talks and discussions, public speaking and debate competitions as part of this year’s activities.

Excelling members in each of the above categories were recognised with certificates of excellence at the end of year activity ceremony this October 13, 2016.