“LEADERSHIP IS A MINDSET” says Mr. Tristan Murenzi in Rwanda We Want weekly session – Rwanda We Want

“LEADERSHIP IS A MINDSET” says Mr. Tristan Murenzi in Rwanda We Want weekly session

One of the things we cherish at Rwanda We Want are weekly sessions. From these sessions, everyone goes home with a small package of new lessons learnt from the people that pass by to share their experiences with these students.

This weekly session held at G.S Kacyiru II in Gasabo district, was given by Mr. Tristan MURENZI; the executive chairperson & founder of Rwanda We Want. He began by asking the students what comes to their minds when they hear the word “Leader”. “A person who changes people’s lives.” One participant answered.

He immediately began his lecture by saying that, there is no consensual definition of leadership, but he said that he thinks that leadership is a mindset.

“Leaders are not born; they are made. In this World you can become anything you want as long as you set your mind to achieving it. If you look closely, nature has all the solutions to the questions that linger in our heads. Having said that, I would like to give you an example of THE LION which is mostly considered as the king of the jungle. A lion is not the strongest animal in the jungle but it has a leadership mindset that allows it to lead the jungle.” He said. He proceeded by saying that the right mindset can boost confidence where required. All leaders were born followers but through mindset changing and being confident, they become leaders. He added that some people often mistake confidence for arrogance, but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and as a leader one only needs confidence because arrogance will be your weapon to destroy everything you have accomplished for your community.

However, a hero is the final product or what people see, but people ignore that there was a blacksmith who forged the mighty sword for the hero. To cut the story short, knowing how to choose the right team is another thing of paramount importance that was highlighted by Mr. Tristan. A true leader knows how to choose the right person not based on emotions or nepotism but on the competence required from that specific individual.

While concluding, he gave a brief explanation of a leader. He defined a leader as a person who identifies a problem but takes it as his burden to find the solutions not for his own satisfaction, but for his community at large. He added that on the journey to become a leader, you reach a certain point where you no longer feel that you still own your body or spirit, and you start feeling that your body and spirit belong to your community for which you can’t rest until they are living a happy and fulfilled life. He concluded: “leaders think and talk about solutions while followers think and talk about problems.”

Many want to become leaders but only a few make it to the other side. Mindset is one of the key things needed to become a leader. Mindset can be our greatest weapon, motivation or source of fear.