“You are the seeds planted 2 years ago, now go and bear fruits for your respective communities.” Mr. Manzi Tibere addresses the trainees in the closing ceremony at E.S Gasiza. – Rwanda We Want

“You are the seeds planted 2 years ago, now go and bear fruits for your respective communities.” Mr. Manzi Tibere addresses the trainees in the closing ceremony at E.S Gasiza.

Arrival of Fr. Leopold Kananga- Director of E.S Gasiza and Mr. Tibere Manzi- Director of communications at Rwanda We Want

RWW organization had been conducting its operations in E.S Gasiza for 2years. On 8th November 2018, the first phase had come to an end. This phase consisted of leadership trainings to RWW club members in E.S Gasiza. At the end of every phase, a closing ceremony is hosted by the RWW club members.

This day began with a prayer by the headmaster of E.S Gasiza Fr. Kananga Leopold. Without delay, Christian Manishimwe took the floor and gave his speech as a representative of students. In his speech, he emphasized on the journey they took with RWW and how fruitful it was. He then gave an example of how he was tired of asking for money to his parents, and one day when he was given 5000rwf to buy shoes, he went and bought a rabbit instead, as he had learnt earlier on in a RWW session. Now, he has around 10 rabbits and he has started a business of selling them thus he never asked for money to his parents again. He finally expressed his gratitude towards RWW for having chosen to work with them and give them such a big opportunity.
Umwanankunda Pauline was then asked to share with her colleagues, her adventure during the public speaking competition, and how she managed to snatch the 2nd place from Kigali competitors.

She started by thanking the school for all the support, her fellow participants during the competition for the unity and teamwork and RWW for such opportunities granted to them. She then told her colleagues that she believes that there is nothing one can’t achieve as long as you go for it. “I knew that we were going to face tough competitors, but I wanted to make my school proud and my district. I had to give it all I got.” She said. Conclusively, she encouraged her fellow students to always be ready to grab any opportunities granted, for they don’t come twice.
The ceremony continued with a sketch that RWW club members had prepared to depict a good leader, who in this sketch uses the skills and values learnt from RWW club while he was still at high school, and a bad leader who uses his power wrongly and opens the door to corruption which later turns out badly for the bad leader because he gets imprisoned for his crimes and shames both his family and the country at large.

This sketch was followed by a song “Hari u Rwanda twifuza”.
It was time for the school representative in charge of RWW club activities to give her Remarks. Mrs. Marie Chantal Mukampirwa thanked RWW organization for the trainings, it provides free of charge to the students.

“Most of young boys and girls around here don’t dream beyond their eyesight, they tend to think that the most sophisticated things will be done by other people because they think that it’s beyond their reach.” She told them. She continued by telling them that thanks to RWW trainings, they have realized that the people who do the sophisticated things are ordinary people with determination, a mindset and will to change their communities. She later thanked again RWW organization and the participants of the public speaking competition for having performed well and with confidence. She then welcomed Mr. Tibere Manzi who is the director of communications in RWW organization to give the closing remarks.
In his remarks, Mr. Tibere Manzi thanked Rulindo district for having allowed them to conduct the operations in that district and the E.S Gasiza for having well collaborated with RWW organization. “You are the seeds planted 2years ago, it is now time to go and bear fruits in your respective communities.” He said. He told them that selfishness is not a character of a good leader, so they must teach others what they learnt from RWW club sessions, for the end of trainings doesn’t mean that the club is terminated. He too urged them to grab and exploit to the maximum every opportunity which is presented to them, for an opportunity prepares for the next one. Lastly, he thanked RWW club representative for a wonderful hospitality which they offered to the visitors all year long, and commended both the sketch and the song presented by RWW club members, and added that RWW organization is not leaving for good, but instead the 1st phase has ended and the 2nd phase will follow.

He proceeded with certificate awarding then a memento of the event was taken.