TUBITEHO Fundraising event- Rwanda We Want in Partnership with TUBITEHO Day Care Center – Rwanda We Want

TUBITEHO Fundraising event- Rwanda We Want in Partnership with TUBITEHO Day Care Center

Over the past, the society has been believing in various negative myths about both parents who have children with mental disability and their children. These myths; curses from their ancestors and witchcraft from the parents, to cite a few, have had a huge negative impact both on the parents and the children, and in the worst case scenario, families were torn apart.
It is in that regard that in collaboration with TUBITEHO Day care center located in Kicukiro-Gahanga, Rwanda We Want organization will hold a fundraising event at Kicukiro-Gahanga (where TUBITEHO Day Care Center is located) on the 16th of December 2018 from 10AM-14AM with the theme “TUBITEHO” meaning “Let’s take care of them”, as a culmination of two weeks long campaign that started on the international day of persons with disabilities that was celebrated on the 3rd December 2018. This is because at Rwanda We Want organization, we believe that the main booster for a nation’s sustainable development is the inclusiveness and the active participation of the whole population which is complimentary with this year’s theme:” Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.” Therefore no one should be left out since everyone’s contribution is needed.
TUBITEHO day care center was founded in 2005 by parents and friends of people with mental Disabilities with the aim of providing special education to children and young people with mental disabilities and ensuring their optimal development of capacities through appropriate psycho-educational and socio-cultural supervision as well as the implementation of individual/collective projects.

Some of the artcrafts in progress by the time this image was captured

TUBITEHO Day Care center came as burden reliever for the parents and the children, for it teaches these children social skills through different specialized methods, which smoothes the communication between them and their parents at first, then the community at large, and intellectual skills which then helps them to be contributing and productive members within their respective communities.This event will not only provide a sense of belonging to these children, but also generate funds that will help the center to improve teaching facilities and infrastructures thus providing better learning and condusive environment for these children. It will also raise awareness about mental disability.
Many activities are scheduled on this day; various presentations from the parents, children and the school representatives, Exposition of the handcrafts and jewellery made by the children themselves which will be availed for purchase and a boccia game between TUBITEHO team VS Rwanda We Want team, to name a few.

TUBITEHO CAMPAIGN is still going on;

Come & Join the initiative to support Children with mental disabilities this coming Sunday! #tubiteho @my250tweets https://t.co/MEvGoxds2A