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Are the youth embracing the heroism legacy?

Normally, heroism is defined as great bravery, but the word itself is lighter in pronunciation than what it really entails. Being ready to give your life is not something that someone wakes up and goes to buy in a mall. Being a hero is more than a simple imagination, and RWW was going to challenge the youth and our parents to sit and assess whether the youth have that heroism legacy that our parents showed when Rwanda needed them the most. It is in that regard that it had organized “Umurage w’ubutwari seminar” in partnership with Iriba Center, which took place on Saturday 9th February 2019 at Iriba Center.
It was an amazing complete panel; Mr. Deo Nkusi- Executive secretary of CHENO, Madam Assoumpta Mugiraneza-Director General of Iriba Center and Yannick Kamanzi-Artist and university student.
In his opening remarks, Mr. Deo Nkusi had first to paint a picture of a hero in the Rwandan context so as to continue the seminar while being on the same wavelength. “Heroism is manifested through actions and behaviours regardless of the age.” He began, “A hero is someone who chooses to pursue what’s good and does extraordinary acts which will benefit a lot of people even though it might put his/her life at risk.” He said.Madam Assoumpta Mugiraneza continued with the research perspective about heroism and also gave a brief definition of heroism according to the research she undertook. “Heroism is having a thought with a vision that goes beyond the current situation and doing all it takes to reach that vision. She continues saying that heroism goes hand in hand with patriotism and unity because at this stage, the hero no longer worries about his/her problems but the citizens’ at large.
Mr. Yannick jumped in too and focused on the aspects of heroism. Among those aspects, he emphasized on the first and foremost on which is selflessness. In this aspect he explains that one can’t be a hero unless you have the spirit of selflessness; understanding that you’re living for others which also brings about the sense of accountability that pushes one to take action in solving the problem at hand. This aspect is now followed by courageousness that provides that drive to take action and then this must be done in pursuit or goal of the truth no matter the situation.
He went ahead and also showed a major hindrance of heroism among the youth being “identity crisis”. He defined this crisis as youth not being able to know or tell their real identity with certainty due to the past history of our country which endangers the heroism legacy in the coming generation.Among the comments that were given, one of the participants Beau Paul Burabyo mentioned that in order for the youth to embrace heroism, they must find a reason to die for and hence determine their reason to live for.
Another participant, Mr. Patrick Mugemana also urged the youth to have patience and perseverance which is depicted in the story of the heroes of Rwanda.
There was also a request that our history and culture would be taking many hours on the education curriculum instead of the Western’s.
In their closing remarks,
Mr. Yannick Kamanzi urged the youth to seek the truth and be interested in their culture and history, then get out of the comfort zone and strive to be better than our parents.
Madam Assoumpta Mugiraneza pleaded with the youth to arm themselves with knowledge.
Mr Tristan Murenzi- Executive chairperson of Rwanda We Want, said that heroism is all about having an end product of one’s vision in mind and striving hard to achieve it, but with a consent that even though you know you won’t live long to enjoy it, at least you must continue doing it so that your friend/relative/ neighbour may enjoy it when it will be achieved.
Mr. Deo Nkusi-Executive secretary of CHENO urged the youth to strive to know a lot about their history and culture, for heroism was taught in our culture and within the families. He also urged the youth to read more and commended the work of Rwanda We Want with the youth empowerement and pledged full support.