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KWIBOHORA explained through Jesse’s lenses

In this liberation period, we celebrate the rebirth of our motherland. As the international community had confirmed her to be a failed state; to the extent of suggesting a disband and sharing the pieces to the neighboring countries, our liberators not only fought the politico-military war but also built the country from scratch.

As a post genocide generation, I decided to apply myself to learn our history as categorized in 4 categories (Pre-colonial, colonial-post colonial, and post genocide era), and teach my comrades to prevent anything such as divisionism as well as genocidal ideology-that led to the genocide against the Tutsi, to happen again in our lifetime, under our watch as it’s said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. “

It also taught me that you never solve a problem with the same mentality that created it in the first place.

We should protect the Unity we have at any cost, like before the colonial era.

From that history, i also learned that we should always have in our minds,” Ndi umunyarwanda is ours to represent” let alone that: ” U Rwanda ruza mbere yanjye” which translates to Rwanda first in whatever we do meaning that the national interest should come before my personal interest.

God Bless Rwanda!

This piece was written by Jesse Juru Nyacyesa, a mechanical engineering student in the University of Rwanda who is also one of the social media enthusiasts in Rwanda.