Iréné’s thoughts on KWIBOHORA – Rwanda We Want

Iréné’s thoughts on KWIBOHORA

We’re inspired by the RPA , through their sacrifice and exemplary bravery to liberate this country and we give credit to our leaders who are leading and helping us as we fight the battle of national development we want and deserve.

We have been strengthened by our history to cope with setbacks and barriers as well as transform limited resources into means to improve the lives of our community. Together, we can sustain this culture of resilience while granting equal opportunities to each and everyone among our community. The Rwandan spirit should be the light in our darkest moments and illuminate our journey towards a brighter future.

Rwandan youth is also committed to protect everything this country has rebuilt and prevent bad politics that leads to divisionism and hence ensure that genocide will never happen again.

As the country has hope in youth for its bright future, let us prove success in maintaining Rwandan values by playing our role in job creation with higher production, fighting against any form of laziness and corruption, drugs and any other hindrance to socio-economic development of our country. Based  on our dignity, we will make Rwanda the best country we deserve.

The above thoughts were written by Iréné Mizero who, is the Chairman of Mizero Care Organization.