Rwanda itajengwa na sisi wenyewe, Esther on Liberation 26 – Rwanda We Want

Rwanda itajengwa na sisi wenyewe, Esther on Liberation 26

Esther Rutatina, is a student at Hungary based University of Debrecen and took her time to share with us what the liberation of this country means to her.

She said, “On the Liberation day, we celebrate the sacrifice and courage of the RPF inkotanyi for putting an end to the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, because if it wasn’t for their patriotism, we would not be here and we would not have the unity and peace our country has now. As the post Genocide generation, this day is a reminder that it is not a matter of age for us to start participating in the national development; it starts with wherever you are and making all your efforts and dreams aligned with developing Rwanda. It is also a time to renew our commitment towards our country to keep making it better for other generations and to always do everything to bring it pride and honor. It’s up to us to maintain all the achievements Rwanda has had in these 26 years and bring it to greater heights. Rwanda itajengwa na sisi wenyewe.”