Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference – Rwanda We Want

Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference


This young lady on the picture is called Josine and she is a member of Rwanda We want club in Rulindo district; last week when I was in Rulindo to conclude the 2017 Rwanda We Want activities, right after the event she approached me and said “Tristan can I talk to you?” And I replied “yes sure”…she proceeded “I want to thank you and your team for what you did for me” and I was a little bit surprised because it is not obvious that the youth we work with thank us for what we do for them. And i asked her why are you thanking us??? And she replied “do you remember when you came here for the first time in march and gave me 2000 Rwf when you were demonstrating about “worth which is hidden in us” Ps: this is a long presentation I’ll share it next time.
And then I replied “yeah i remember” and she proceeded ” when you gave me that money i went and asked my dad to give me 1000 Rwf more so that i may buy 2 rabbits worth 3,000 Rwf and today i have 10 rabbits but i gave 2 rabbits to my neighbor who is very poor so that i may at least play a role in improving his life since i hope that in the future he’ll start selling them and get an income as we learnt through Rwanda We Want sessions that if we want to be good leaders tomorrow we have to start contributing towards the development of our communities today” after hearing that story from that young lady i was very happy indeed since i realized that we are not training people who will impact their communities tomorrow but people who impact their communities today and she also reminded me that we do not need to have too much in our possession for us to share we just have to have a loving heart.
we started Rwanda We Want in 2014 at that time i was 17 and all i wanted was to share the “little” knowledge i had with my schoolmates so that we may contribute in preparing the future of this great nation and i didn’t know that this project will impact the youth at this extent through different programs we have including “Ndakuzirikana” program which pays school fees for students coming from poor families as we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity ; a part from my team and my family only one person believed in the project and that is Prof. Philip Cotton The Vice Chancellor of the university of Rwanda; I remember that my late dad Dr. Naasson Munyandamutsa gave me 15,000 Rwf to organize the first event. And today Rwanda We want has organized more than 100 sessions with the most successful business leaders in Rwanda and different influential Rwandan politicians who have all shared their experience and gave trainings to the RWW club members so as to prepare great leaders of tomorrow.

I just wanted to share with you in brief what we do in Rwanda we want.

Shared by Murenzi Tristan.